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Enter the Reverend Bubba Flavel

So Sayeth the Shepherd!So sayeth the shepherd

So Sayeth the Flock!


Sheeple under the Steeple

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The Godfather of Preachertainment! 

                     The Master Showman of the Social Gospel! 

The man who helped make underworld crime the business it is today! 

I give you the one, the only……Heeeerrrrreeeeee’s   Billy


Pssst! Billy!  Billy!…. Where’s your Bible? 

Aren’t you going to preach from Scripture? 


O    k-a-y  ?????

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Here are some bonafides regarding my fundy pedigree. In my posession are:

Rightly dividing the Word of Truth,” C.I. Scofield, Ten outline studies of the more important divisions of Scripture

A Mighty Wind,” Plain Papers on the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, C.I. Scofield”

Dr. C.I. Scofields Question Box” 1917, Moody Bible Institute

Question #1″Is not the number of Israelites mentioned in Numbers 1:39 contradicted by the numer given elsewhere?

A: The number given in Numbers 1:39 is a mistranslation for which we cannot account, as both the Septuagint and Hebrew have 22,300. It is well to remember that seeming contradictions are often due to mistranslations.

Wonder how many KJV only folks would burn their Scofields knowing that bit of information?

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A Pair of Infamous School Administrators

Fundy Administrators

Fundy Administrators

Delores meet Jack… Jack meet Delores…. You have so much in common
I’m sure you will get along brilliantly!


Given the choice, I would rather attend Hogwarts

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(To the tune of “Thank God I am Free”)

For a long Time I Traveled, Down a Long Legal Road,
My Heart Was So Heavy, in rules I Sank Low.
Then I Heard About Jesus, What A Wonderful Hour.
I’m So Glad That I got out.
He brought the truth out, Through His sovereign Power.


Like A Bird Out Of Prison, That’s Taking It’s Flight.
Like A Blind Man That God, Gave Back His Sight.
Like The Poor Wretched Beggar,
that’s Found Fortune And Fame.
I’m So Glad That I got Out,
He brought the truth Out …Through His Holy Name.


Thank God I Am Free, Free, Free,
from the I-ye F B,
Remembered that I’m in Jesus,
not the Traditions of Men..
Hallelujah I’m Saved, Saved, Saved,
by His Wonderful Grace.
I’m So Glad That I got out,
He brought the truth Out…And Showed Me The Way

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