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The Word is Given!

Ok!  Here it is… the milestone announcement I was waiting on:
“Capt’n is the word given?”
“The Word is Given!  Pipe this to the crew”
“Aye Aye Sir!” … “Attention all hands, Attention all hands, standby for a word from the Capt’n!”
“To the Crew of the HMS Persifler, you have quit yourself with honor and integrity having proved yourself in the Battle of the Bulge.  Be it known to all who shall witness these proceedings that due to valiant effort by the combination of mind, heart and body… 300 has fallen!”
As of today I   am   no   longer   300+   pounds.
I began this battle on January 2nd 2013 at 322lbs.
Today I am 298lbs.
The word of the day is 24.
I have been Quitter Quit Free for 166 days now!

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