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Here is a page that needs to be posted far and wide in this silly political season.


This page is good for everything from revealing the truth in Commercials, exposing political rhetoric to seeing religious sermonizing for the propaganda it can truly be.  Wherever there is anyone who is seeking to persuade another that their views are the right view, these techniques need to be reviewed.

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Here is a video on the history of Eugenics, Social Darwinism, and Genetic Hygene.

Rationalized Mass Murder.

Pay close attention at 51:33 to the post birth abortion (euthanasia) that is promoted.

In the clip it says, ” I believe it is wrong to operate to prolong an absolutely useless life.” …the Doctor is going to let the baby lay there and die.
We are a people who have perfected the art of killing the innocent, the helpless and the undesirable… and we have rationalized it so it no longer disturbs our consciences, we have seared our consciences and soothed the burn with the salve of rationalism and propaganda.

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