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(To the tune of “Thank God I am Free”)

For a long Time I Traveled, Down a Long Legal Road,
My Heart Was So Heavy, in rules I Sank Low.
Then I Heard About Jesus, What A Wonderful Hour.
I’m So Glad That I got out.
He brought the truth out, Through His sovereign Power.


Like A Bird Out Of Prison, That’s Taking It’s Flight.
Like A Blind Man That God, Gave Back His Sight.
Like The Poor Wretched Beggar,
that’s Found Fortune And Fame.
I’m So Glad That I got Out,
He brought the truth Out …Through His Holy Name.


Thank God I Am Free, Free, Free,
from the I-ye F B,
Remembered that I’m in Jesus,
not the Traditions of Men..
Hallelujah I’m Saved, Saved, Saved,
by His Wonderful Grace.
I’m So Glad That I got out,
He brought the truth Out…And Showed Me The Way

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