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I realize that to some I am a backslidden heathen… but it beats being “right” with the wrong god. (As in performance Christianity living up to someone else’s traditional rules)

I want to be a Christian in the world around me rather than be a cult member in a subculture that has separated itself from reality.

Instead of Christians being in the world showing true Christianity, there are bunkers called churches where the goal is to get as many in your bunker as you can and conform them to the group rules and regs.

Then one’s spirituality can be graded and measured by “what you do” and “how much you do.” Performance Christianity in other words, also called Works Sanctification. Grading in this system is based on “the appearance of evil”, “love not the world”, and one’s ability to not offend a weaker brother/sister. It’s a rather complicated system but it is based more on the outer appearance rather than the heart attitude.

If I offend folks’ sensitivities with my long hair, beard and whatever else is on their list of “Thou Shalt Not’s” w-e-l-l… too bad. Now if I cause someone else to sin and go against their own consciences before God… then…that IS a sin on my part. But if I shock someone’s Legalistic and traditional sensibilities, then it is solely their burden to bear, not mine.

I had (2) two reunions to attend this weekend. One was my family reunion and the other was with my classmates from 1980 who invited my class (’81) to celebrate with them. Somewhere in the midst of all the memories, reminiscing and reacquainting with old friends I realized that I had locked myself away in a bunker for all these years and had joined myself to a cult that no longer touched the world around us and no longer had an impact on the world and culture around us. That thought hit me like a ton of bricks. Here I had friends that I really enjoy being around, but I never felt I could be a real part of their lives because they were not part of my bunker’s subculture. A pox upon me for being a better cult member than I was a friend to those I was with day in and day out for so long.

For those who have regularly read my ranting and ravings you have seen my journey out of the bunker/cave/prison back to the real world. At times it has been an angry journey, and at times melancholy, and at times confused. Thank you all for putting up with me. To those who might think I am a backslidden heathen, you’ll get over it. (And since you do not know my heart before God… ’nuff said) I and my family are going to continue this journey along this path. God knows who we will come in contact with and what if any impact we may have on other’s lives. I want to be a friend to those around me and not just because they attend the same cave that I do. I want to be a friend and have friends that I can be around because they want me around warts, long hair, beard, my Christian testimony, my journey out of the cave and all.

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