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In John R.Rice’s  pamplet, “Personal Soul Winning,”  he gives a shout out to Jack Hyles’ pamplet,


In it there is a passage:

“If a person is going to be a soul winner he must not be offensive to the people with whom he talks. It is a definite asset for a soul winner to be careful to bathe often, to avoid body odor. Teeth should be brushed, and breath should be tested. Carry mints in your pockets or some good flavored chewing gum which will help keep the breath from being offensive. One of the most damaging things in soul winning is the effect of halitosis. By all means, a soul winner should watch this carefully.”

Bring out the Holy Breath Tester!”
“Thy breath be minty fresh go thou and winneth souls”… “Next!
“Thy breath be most foul and couldst knock a buzzard off a week old corpse at 50 paces. Go thou immediately and brushest thy teeth seven times. Rinse thy mouth with ListerScopetamint after each brushing. Then return here and present your breath for the administering of the Holy breath spray. Then, if thy breath be clean, thou mayest be counted worthy to go forth and winneth souls.”

And here all this time I thought it was the drawing of the Holy Spirit by the hearing of the word of God that sinners came to salvation by Grace through faith.  I had no idea that it was the minty fresh breath of the soulwinner that made the difference.

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Recently I overheard an acquaintance talking about one of his favorite rites or rituals of Spring. He was gushing about how the springtime was when many churches in the area held Revivals. He is right, and for a time in the spring you could almost attend church 7 days a week for a month or more. The more I thought about it the more it disturbed me. The more I began to think on the heretic who began Revivalism in America, Charles Grandison Finney.

I will not recount Finney’s history or his manipulation and lies to gain his ordination. I do want to point to several resources that give that history, and then some that discuss the results of such man centered attempts at evangelism.

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing
How Charles Finney’s Theology Ravaged the Evangelical Movement

Charles Finney and American Revivalism (WHI) parts 1-4

The Dangers of Charles Finney’s “Theology” (Kielar) parts1-2

In the end if you will honestly consider the damage Finney did to Christianity in America and see how the results of his heresy have influenced much of our form of worship in America today, then you should begin to question those practices. Judge them for yourself: are they Biblical? Or are they merely Man-made traditionalism?
Why do we have such a preoccupation with Revivals? Why do we call so many of our spring and fall meetings “Revivals?” Why do we call those meetings “revivals” before they have begun? What is being revived?

Personally I will no longer attend such meetings. In the past, the ones I have attended were not much more than exercises to stir up people’s emotions. It is much like giving a religious junkie an emotional fix. Everyone comes out of those meetings talking about how good the hard preaching was, how the evangelist stepped on their toes, and what a sweet spirit was there. Was the word of God taught? Was it? People have told me “Oh yes! He preached on sin. Or he preached on this or that.”

I am 46 years old and I have been in church since my mother was able to take me. I have sat through many, many “revivals” and “revival meetings” and I know from all those experiences that by far the vast majority of them were preacher-tainment sermons that were wrapped up with manipulative emotional appeals to get a visible result from the people. The most used vehicles for gauging the success of the meetings is how many you got saved for one and how many came down to the “Altar” at the end of the emotional ride for another.

Now if you have stayed with me this far I have a question to ask. Do you know that the “Altar” was not a device used in churches until after Finney made it fashionable? I do believe there are sincere godly men who truly believe they are doing God’s work that are involved with these Revivalist meetings… and I believe they are just as sincerely and truly wrong. Just as in Finney’s day these Emotional preacher-tainment venues do more harm to the Gospel of Christ than they do good, and leave the people with a false sense: of what the Gospel is, Who God is, and What Grace is; more than we will ever know this side of eternity.

Last questions: You do know that God does not love you any more for the number of “Revivals” you attend… don’t you? You also know God doesn’t love you more for going down to some imaginary “Altar” and praying don’t you? You do know that there is no such thing as the sinner’s prayer don’t you?

And finally: You do know that such a prayer will not save you… don’t you?

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Pornography Found On Principal’s School Computer

I want to keep this article front and center. To remind everyone there are preditors even in places you don’t expect. If you have a child that is uncomfortable around someone… listen to YOUR CHILD and SUPPORT YOUR CHILD… If you know something or strongly suspect something is amiss DO NOT go to the administration……Go to the Authorities first!  It just may save a Child’s life.

A Jefferson County jury found former Silver State Christian School principal Daniel Brock not guilty of sex-related charges during a week-long trial in early February. Brock was accused of sexually touching one male student and attempting to fondle another male student.    (after the judge in the case “ruled against prosecutors and did not allow the jury to hear about the gay porn on Brock’s computer.”)  Why not??? 

According to court documents obtained after the trial, on Feb. 24, 2009, Brock returned his school-issued laptop computer to Silver State. Prosecutors, armed with a search warrant, seized the laptop. In a court document, they say Brock’s user file on the computer “had been wiped clean” prior to it being returned to the school.

But a forensic search of the computer revealed “Internet searches of homosexual male pornographic Web sites, as well as evidence of viewed (pictures, movies and videos) related to homosexual male pornography. Additionally, actual images and videos of homosexual male pornography were recovered from the computer.”

In the court document, investigators reported all the searches, viewing and downloading of the pornography were done from Brock’s user accounts and were done during the time he had the computer.

From a conversation regarding the fall out from the aquittal:

“…as bad as all this sounds, the harrassment Zach dealt with on a daily basis was unreal!!   He was told that he was a monster, a liar, a homosexual, evil, that he should go kill himself, etc…ect… XXXXX a former classmate of Zachs harrassed him until he couldn’t take it anymore!!!”

The system Failed Zach Scadden

Here is a related article.  The comments at this link tell the back story in detail.  http://badbadteacher.com/daniel-charles-brock/comment-page-3/#comment-81290


Publish this far and wide!  Let the world know Zach Scadden was not a liar and that he was betrayed by the system that should have protected him.

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