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As I Look back on my “Christian” life or experience, I am seeing that much of what I practiced was nothing less than a man-centered religion. I found many parallels in my own life to the “un-healthy” found in one of the related articles.  I have blindly followed men in the past that claimed they had authority and anointing from God. I never questioned their claims of having authority over me, I just submitted and gave them unquestioning allegiance.

Now I am questioning!  I questioned the idea whether the “man of God” up on the stage is somehow more saintly, or more spiritually endowed than any other believer. The only answer I find in the Scripture, is that God has gifted some to be able to preach and teach (there is no dichotomy or separation in that gift, he is gifted to proclaim and explain the Word of God) but there is nothing that gives the man on the stage power to speak ‘ex cathedra.’ {ex cathedra: from the seat of authority; with authority: used esp. of those pronouncements of the pope that are considered infallible }

Yet time and time again, we hear from the pulpit, commands that are extra-biblical regarding length of a man’s hair, the requirement for women to wear dresses and not pants, which Bible Version we should use, and a whole litany of rules and regulations that are man made traditions proclaimed as Biblical commands to be kept in order we may please God and be blessed. A scoring system so that we can prove God loves us, if you will. In other words Performance Christianity.

I have had enough of the extra-biblical , toe stomping, performance based junk that is being preached in American Churches, especially in the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement. I have had my fill of topical preaching where the lecturer stands up three times a week and sermonizes on their pet topic. I am tired of sloppy preaching! Taking text out of context in order to preach some pretext that may give a warm fuzzy or step on some toes but is not God honoring and does more harm to the body of believers than it does good.
· Aside: I have to say this and get it off my chest. Recently I heard a sermon where the speaker used Luke chapter 20:9-18 ( I think he stopped reading at vs 16) Now this parable is clearly talking about Israel and how God dealt with his covenant people. The verse about the Landlord sending his son and the covenant people killing him is a direct, imminent prophetic reference to Jesus Christ and what was about to take place. That is straight up interpretation and application… Yet the message preached was “The God of 5th, 6th, and 7th Chances.” This message portrays God as some weak, anemic, pathetic figure who is wringing His hands and hoping that “this time” will be the time that you will choose to follow Him. That something He does this time will persuade you to try Jesus. …. Horsefeathers! That is not the God of the Bible! That is not the Creator God of the Universe! That is the weak, pitiful god of the imagination found in man-centered religion!
That is an example of the sloppy un-biblical preaching I can no longer tolerate. I will not expose my family to it any either.

Ok I’ll get off my soapbox for now. I’ve got to go rest and get my ankle propped up for a while. Enjoy the linked articles.

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