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What really disturbed me, was when I visited their web site they were bragging about what a success the event was and how they had prayed for rain to keep the protestor and media turnout low. These folks used Acts 19:19 to justify burning these books, where the Verse talks about those who had used the curious arts were burning their books… this group in NC seemed to be bragging about using curious arts to bring about the burning of books they disapprove of.   What these wahoo’s were doing had nothing to do with what is presented in Acts 19.  Taking text out of context is intellectually dishonest and lends itself to cult type practices.   This is clearly the culmination of  the anti-intellectualism that is so pervasive (especially) in the Independent Fundamental movement here in America. The rusted buckle of the Bible belt is becoming more and more a tragic comedy and less and less about biblical Christianity.

Well, it turns out they didn’t “burn” the books after all… they just ripped them up and threw them in a garbage can.  This is Orwellian in the worst way.  God was not honored in this display of self-righteous hypocrisy.  In fact, just the opposite took place, God was dishonored and His word was desecrated.  Behaviour such as this makes a mockery of Christianity, but these self appointed Pharisees have taken it upon themselves to be the wielders of the Law for everyone. 

Here is a quote from the video they made of the event, “… (here’s)the Living New testament.. ( begins tearing the book apart) it’s not living it’s dead, it’s all a lie… there’s only one book living… the King James Version.”

(found on the video at 10:00 minutes to 11:00 minutes… You can download it from this link:)


It’s all a lie..”??? Then when the living NT talks about Jesus dying on the cross and the resurrection it is a lie?  Do these people know what they are saying!!?? I just read the NLT account of the trial, crucifixion, burial and Resurrection… if that account is a lie as these people declare… then all similiar accounts are equally a lie. Grrrrrrrr! what intellectual suicide these people practice! 

Burnt Offerings – WSJ.com
A church throws copies of Scripture into the flames.

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